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Severance Agreement Review

Employees are often in a very difficult position when their employment is terminated.  Employers are aware of this difficult position and sometimes provide departing employees with the opportunity to sign a severance agreement.  In most cases, the severance agreement contains a release which effectively waives all rights an employee may have to pursue unlawful conduct against the employer.  In exchange, the employer will give the employee a small amount of severance pay.

The primary reason an employer will offer severance pay to a departing employee is to receive a full release of all claims an employee may have to pursue legal action against an employer.  Severance agreements are contractual agreements.  They are important legal documents and significantly affect the rights of employees.

If your employer has given you a severance agreement to sign, it is important that you discuss your severance agreement with an experienced employment attorney.   The Murphy Law Group can assist you with the review of your severance agreement.  The Murphy Law Group can review your severance agreement with you and explain to you your legal rights.  Additionally, in some instances, severance agreements are open to further negotiation.  The Murphy Law can negotiate your severance package for you and potentially get you a more financially lucrative severance package.

The Murphy Law Group provides Severance Agreement Review and Negotiation for residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The Murphy Law Group represents individuals in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs, including residents of Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Lehigh Counties, as well as individuals residing in New Jersey.

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