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Did A Company Have Different Pay Scale for Hispanic Employees?

March 6, 2015 Workplace Discrimination

Workers collect $6.5 million after settlement of class-action suit

It’s no secret that equal pay for equal work is not always a reality.

However, the way this sort of discrimination plays out can be extremely subtle – especially when a company employs hundreds or thousands of people who may be in different geographic areas.

For example, Basha’s is a grocery store chain with multiple locations in a variety of neighborhoods. The workers who were employed in the “high end” areas often received a higher hourly wage than those who worked in the “low end” areas.

But the staffers couldn’t help but notice that the “low end” stores had one very obvious thing in common: They were largely patronized and staffed by Hispanic people. The so-called “high end” stores often catered to a Caucasian population and employed a higher percentage of white workers.

Enough is Enough

Several Hispanic employees complained to the EEOC, claiming that they were paid less because of their national origin.

The agency attempted to investigate the claims, but the company refused to cooperate with subpoenas for payroll and other employment records.

Finally, the workers decided to sue. A judge certified a class-action lawsuit that included more than 12,000 current and former employees.

Cutting its Losses

After more than a decade of legal proceedings, Basha’s finally decided to settle the case and paid $6.5 million in damages to the employees.

(The case discussed here is Parra v. Basha’s.)

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